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Location: ROMANIA


Roll lathe HERKULES, WDK 850 L, (1800x11000)

Manufacturer: Herkules, Germany
Yop: 1968
Max turning lathe,mm: 1800
Distance between points, mm: 11000

Min working diameter, mm: 400
Body width four slides:two for carriages and two for the holder and the tail stock
Total lenght of the body, m: 13,6 + 2,6 = 16,2 (2 pieces;the second pieces is for tailstock only,for workpieces with 11m lenght)
The body is installed on a foundation with pits fot the evacuation of chips
Carriages: 2 carriages driven by a rack and pinion with adjustable travel speed from the operator control panel,tool holder for 80 mm square section tool
Faceplate diameter, mm: 1600;
Second faceplate diameter (of tailstock), mm: 1200;
Turning the grooves on the rolls can be performed by coping from a model.
The gear box is equipped with automatic gear change and with the possibility of the continuous change of the rotations speed inside each gear from the operator panel
Rotation range is 0.9 to 45 rot/min. The headstock plated has four independent adjustable chocks.
The tailstock has a platen with four chocks and has a hydraulic driven of the rotating point.
The main motor: SIEMENS 115 KW/ 600-1500 rot/min in a DC current.
Total installed power: 200 KW
DC driving are supplied through a Ward –Leonard system.
The maximum weight of the turned part was 60 ton..
Overall dimensions: 18000 mm (with main motor) x 2500mm (6000mm with electrical cabinet) x 2400mm

Weight of machine: aprox. 160 tons;
Accessories: milling head,grinding head and second carriage with holder
Documentation in German language
Condition; in operation, little used , the slides has no damages